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5 Tips for Buying Commercial Real Estate in Toronto

April 4, 2022 | Posted by: Michael Marshall

Tips for Buying Commercial Real Estate in Toronto

Buying commercial property can be a lucrative investment because the financial opportunities are high, but it can also be costly. Business owners need to ensure they do careful analysis prior to investing. 

Without adequate planning and guidance you may encounter problems. You should have a decent understanding and road map for your investing strategy. Our consultants at Lending Line Capital have put together some tips that will help you decide on an ideal commercial property to purchase. 

  1. Strategy:

While buying commercial property can be a great investment, ideas tend to fall through if you don’t have direction. It’s important to understand your reasons behind buying commercial property and come up with a strategy. Coming up with a strategy allows you to narrow your list of potential investment properties, and ask yourself important questions. What is a successful return for me? What are my long-term or short-term goals?

  1. Financing:

Getting approved for commercial real estate financing isn’t easy but it is possible with the help of a lender. Figuring out your financing ahead of time allows you to compare options and create a budget before you look at deals. Bankers will want to see financial statements and evidence that your business is generating a steady income. Shopping around for the best financing package and speaking to multiple lenders to find the best rates is a good idea. 

  1. Research:

Researching your list of properties is an important step in the purchasing process. Before making a decision, purchasers should pay attention to where they’re buying as each market has their own tax rates and land inventory. When conducting research, you’ll run comparisons between the properties you’re considering and visit them. Some questions you may want to also ask are; renovation costs, the neighborhood, potential repairs, and property taxes.

  1. Build a team: 

Everyone has to start somewhere, and a lot goes into finding a property to buy because these deals usually involve a lot of money and time. There’s a big risk when buying commercial real estate, so you’ll want the right people with experience and knowledge on your side to ensure you don’t make any mistakes. That way, the process moves smoothly and efficiently, which will save money in the long run. Some professionals you may want to think about hiring include:

  • Commercial Real Estate Agent

  • Real Estate Lawyers

  • Accountant

  • Mortgage Broker

  1. Offer:

After calculating potential costs and profit, you can make an offer. It’s a good idea to professionals involved in this part of the deal because you’ll need a write-up of terms and conditions the seller will have to meet. An attorney can help you review your terms before finalization.

Buying commercial property isn’t simple. It involves educating yourself on commercial real estate investing, finding the right property, securing financing, surrounding yourself with a qualified team, and locking down a deal. All of these will play a big role in determining whether you get the commercial real estate loan you want. Our team at Lending Line Capital is here to help guide you through the processes and assess your financing strategies to ensure you have access to ideal financing solutions.

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